I use to ponder on the distant stars,
“I may reach them by my mind at the end”
While sitting on the terrace on star-ful nights,
Only noise around is the cricket-band.
My mind’s in a distance and flies away from here,
Lock myself up sametime and dive into the deep.

Tech World – Will you save us Mr. Elon Musk?

The Space is still cold and extraordinary
but getting there becomes soon ordinary.
Even we don’t know where to find Atlantis,
bur to Mars we tend to send our colonists.

We build rockets and faster-than-light train
and machines are now wiser then our brain.
They will learn to learn and write their own code –
we have to keep them in friendly mode.

Solar plants help to preserve clean air
and will make our sons’ breaths cleaner.
Self-driving cars are already reality
but how to build into AI the morality?

Who knows where our life is heading to?
How to secure the world for tomorrow too?
Will politicians set the proper rules then,
or do we rather need visionary businessmen?

Ultimate truth

Might be the things I’ve written till now
sounds too profound or may have sad tone.

Seeking for life’s great truths and dark-stern doctrines,
looking back to past and pushing boundaries.

Though I might be bothered by just winter’s darkness
or maybe by effects of bean: some flatulence.

Why was I so gloomy? Noone else could know that.
Maybe that shot after the wine I should have left.


You see, poems I’d like to write.
May say my mood’s not always bright.
In fact I write just simple lines
and I take care they end in rhymes.

I have to say actually
a funny guy I use to be.
Can’t tell good jokes, but laugh a lot.
Good sense of humor what I got.